The Style Report: Resort Style

The Style Report: Resort Style

In this modern times, people are travelling around the globe and for some, they may have even made a lifestyle out of it. Travelling across different continents will allow one to experience different seasons at the same time. 

Resort style is a great and practical style to adopt for most Men, be it for business or leisure. The  attention to quality fabrics to better suit your lifestyle making this resort look an evergreen style. 

Resort wear focuses a lot on practicality as one is usually out and about. The use of cotton, linen, silk, denim and poplin is a favourite among most resort wear. Resort style usually boasts easy care pieces that you might not even need  to iron! Accessories like panama hats and sunglasses is usually great to complete an outfit. 

Today we have Tomoyoshi & Kozo to share some wonderful tips with us in achieving that perfect Resort look:

For a classic resort style, what do your recommend?

Kozo: A linen shirt, shorts and gurkha sandals!

Tomo: Hoodie top with no button down. No to zipper or lace shoes.

Colony Clothing’s products are designed to look ahead to the future. We incorporate ideas and lifestyle of the now to create the Man for the future. We do not only design clothes but we design a lifestyle for the Man.

For a resort dress style, what is something that I should not miss out?

Tomo: A shirt, jacket and a tie! Colours play an important role too at setting the mood for the occassion. 

Kozo: I will wear pastel shades for daywear and darker tones with contrasting ties for a pop of colour. I will also opt for a lightweight jacket such as linen. I will wear linen anytime, anyday! 

At Colony Clothing, we focus on jetset lifestyle and we create colours that matches just about any season. Anyone can wear any colours, it is just about finding the right shade that best compliments your skin tone!

For Resort style, what is your advise on footwear?

Tomo: Gurkha sandals is my favourite go-to! Paraboots deck shoes are perfect for restaurants.

Kozo: Any loafers with a little bit of sole preferably something lightweight.

At Colony Clothing, we believe in completing an outfit together with the right choice of footwear. The footwear is a make or break situation. You must also pay attention to little details like the height of soles to not add on the bulk to your calfs making it appear bigger. The narrow fitting of a shoe plays an important role at creating an illusion to elongate your frame too.

Any different styles for different resort looks?

Tomo: T-shirts are cool for casual daywear but for evenings, opt for long sleeves insteadto create a semi-formal look. Tenbox Paraboots X Colony Clothing sandals is a must have! I swear by those!

Kozo: Gurkha sandals and pants will look stylish. At Jalan Sriwijaya, you can find an affordable range of gurkha sandals to start with. I also recommend Paraboots black deck shoes.

One should be more open to trying and mixing different looks and fabrics together. Fashion is an evolving process and we should always move forward yet not forgetting old styles too. We should learn to fuse fashion in any manner from traditional to modern perspective to create a refreshing experience all the time!