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Kozo Kawamura


A frequent traveller for both business and leisure, Kozo considers what he does as more of a passion than work. With extensive years of experience working with BEAMS in Japan, setting up Colony Clothing in Singapore was simply to him.. the right step forward. Kozo is experienced in guiding companies with creative and business directions.

Kensuke Sato


Ken is the epitome of Japan’s ‘City boy’ generation. Growing up in the central fashion district of Tokyo, Ken developed his interest in fashion styling and buying from a young age. His passion led him to be one of the most experienced buyers in town with a cool sensibility and worldview of men’s classic & contemporary fashion.

Tomoyoshi Takada

Creative Director of COLONY CLOTHING

Tomo became the Creative Director of COLONY CLOTHING in 2019, leaving an impact that shocked the fashion industry in Japan. He is well-known as a global influencer in men's fashion. He can always consult customers for personal coordination if you come and meet him at our shop.

Wilson Low

Brand Ambassador

Wilson, baby-faced , born in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in 1989.
in 2013 he moved to Singapore, the same year NOMADE PTE LTD was founded.
He loves Japanese culture and street fashion since he was young, and he has worked with several Japanese brands.

Emiko Sakashita

Communication Director

Executive Secretary of NOMADE PTE LTD

She lived in various countries such as Hawaii, Seattle, Tokyo, and Singapore and is in charge of Colony Clothing’s client work. Emi is a very sweet hearted mother with an early childhood education license in the United States. There are many customers who become fans of hers when meeting her in person during events in store.

Henry Chua

Merchant Tailor & Sales of COLONY CLOTHING

Henry, who is the core of the trust of COLONY CLOTHING who has over 40 years of experience as a merchant tailor, is in charge of tailor-made. He can fix the size of the ready-made products according to the customer's needs, so he can solve the problems of the customer's figure. We are proud of Henry’s presence, always moving the sewing machine carefully in the backroom.                      

Dewi Njoto

Store & HR Manager of COLONY CLOTHING

COLONY CLOTHING’s shop manager, Dewi, has experience in shop management and men's tailoring. She is a trilingual who can speak Indonesian, Japanese, and English.

She has an impressive intellect & quiet demeanor, but is actually a simple dog lover who lives with 2 bulldogs & a poodle.