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"Founder of NOMADE PTE LTD

Director/ Founder/ Creative Director of Colony Clothing"

A frequent traveller for both business and leisure, Kozo loves his career which seems very much like his hobby. With vast years of experience working in BEAMS Japan, setting up Colony Clothing was simply the right thing to do before moving in to Singapore. Kozo is experienced providing companies with recommended business directions, and also bring together the best product designs for the local community.


CO-Founder/ Brand Manager/ Buyer/

Designer of Colony Clothing

A perfect representative of the ever-famous Harajuku City Boy, Kensuke (otherwise commonly known as Ken) grew up developing his interest in fashion styling and of course, shopping too. This passion led him to be one of the most experienced Buyer in town, all thanks to his knowledge in men's classic fashion styling.



Fashion Consultant/ Buyer of Colony Clothing

In charge of the Ladies Collection at Colony Clothing, Mayuko always welcome her guests with Japanese hospitality. She enjoys engaging in conversations with customers on her views of the world, not just on fashion but anything and everything. (Those who have met her would agree on this totally.)

What everyone love about Mayuko is her bubbly, cheerful and positive character that is trusted by our male and female customers alike. What's unique about Mayuko is her Hiroshima dialect when a Japanese speaks to her. Come and hear for yourself.


Public Relations/ Visual Merchandiser/ Model

A former finalist of Miss Universe Japan Representative, handling Public Relations is simply Yoshimi's forte that non could do better. Her bright smile and straightforward character represents the spirit of the Colony Clothing team.

Did you know she is a mother of three beautiful kids? Do not think that she is all soft for when she scolds her kids, even us as adults do fear a little. Visit us and have a chat with her. Come enjoy the carefreeness of the Colony Clothing team.