Personal Styling Session with Kozo Kawamura

Personal Styling Session with Kozo Kawamura

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Are you looking to up your style game? Have you made an impulse purchase and now you're not sure how to style the item?

While our director, Kozo Kawamura, served customers at COLONY CLOTHING's trunk shows and pop-ups throughout Asia, many customers asked him for advice on how to coordinate the clothing they had difficulty with. From this experience, we would like to offer customers who visit COLONY CLOTHING by appointment the opportunity to join Kozo for an exclusive personal styling session, where they can seek guidance on pieces they're unsure how to style.

Customers are encouraged to bring items from their own wardrobe, transforming their existing pieces into new and exciting ensembles. With Kozo's keen eye for fashion and attention to individual style preferences, this session promises to elevate your wardrobe, offering fresh perspectives on how to express your unique personality through clothing.


About Kozo Kawamura
Director of Colony Clothing

From 1997 to 2013, Kawamura was responsible for men's classic fashion, bespoke and shop management at the Japanese boutique BEAMS for 17 years. He draws on the knowledge and experience gained from his years of wearing suits and interacting with tailors and designers from all over the world to provide Colony Clothing's services.

KOZO first wore a ring jacket at the age of 20, which awakened his fascination with classic fashion. He then built up his experience by ordering various suits and shoes himself, including a smizura from a Florentine tailor at the age of 23, and then a Savile Row suit and bispoke shoes. Now, with over 25 years of experience, COLONY CLOTHING's MTO service is available by appointment only.

From the fabrics selected by KOZO, who is also well versed in contemporary fashion trends, based on his many years of experience, to the coordination suggestions according to TPO, we offer a service that will convince executives from all over the world. Please feel free to contact us. We will create the perfect suit for you.


COLONY CLOTHING ディレクター河村浩三によるパーソナル・スタイリング・セッション





KOZOは20歳のときに初めてリングジャケットを着用し、クラシックファッションの魅力に目覚めました。その後、23歳でフィレンツェのテーラーでスミズーラ、そしてサビルローのスーツやビスポークシューズなど、さまざまなスーツやシューズを自身でオーダーし、その経験を積み重ねました。この度、25年以上にわたる経験を活かしたCOLONY CLOTHINGのMTOサービスを予約制で開始します。


Disclaimer:  Each slot is 1 hour long, failure to show up within 20 minutes of your booking time will result in your slot being forfeited. 

If you know that you will be late, please drop us a text or email beforehand. Depending on the situation, we might not be able to extend your slot to be fair to other customers.


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