$290.00 SGD

Inspired by the classic tennis sweater, uniquely rendered using an innovative material: the marshmallow gauze pile by UCHINO. It’s breathable, soft to the touch and insanely… insanely… comfy.

Designed with a blend of juxtaposing ideals of preppy and resort. A fresh take on the traditional classic sweater, infused with COLONY CLOTHING's effortless, all-summer-long lifestyle dualism.


About Uchino

Originally established in 1937, UCHINO is renowned for the company’s aim in producing the best towels in the world, crafted with the finest cotton sourced globally, from the West Indian Sea Island, all the way to China and Egypt. By incorporating meticulous Japanese yarn spinning techniques, UCHINO is able to produce various innovative materials ranging in textures and qualities. Their best-known item is the three layered gauze towel, with a cotton pile backing which offers a gentle, fluffy texture and soft feel.


The Tennis Sweater: A Brief Story

As an iconic fashion item, the tennis sweater has a deeply connected history with gentlemen's sporting pursuits of the early 20th century. Its earliest predecessor can be traced back to tennis sweaters in the 1920s (hence its most commonly called as a tennis sweater), and by the thirties, the sweater reached its peak popularity as a fashion item closely associated with not only tennis, but also ski, cricket, and golf among others. The Prince of Wales, known for being the most influential fashion icon of the time, preferred to sport a sleeveless version of this sweater.


The sweater continues to prove its versatility throughout time, whether worn layered over shirts or tied over the shoulders, it is inseparable from the Ivy League style of the fifties, all the way to 1970s’ sports scene and cinema, worn by the likes of Robert Redford, and Cary Grant among others.

(Below: Robert Redford in The Way We Were, 1973)