$340.00 SGD

Inspired by the classic hoodie, uniquely rendered using an innovative material: the marshmallow gauze pile by UCHINO. It’s breathable, soft to the touch and insanely… insanely… comfy.

Designed with a blend of juxtaposing ideals of urban and resort. A fresh take on the traditional hoodie, infused with COLONY CLOTHING's effortless, all-summer-long lifestyle dualism.


About Uchino

Originally established in 1937, UCHINO is renowned for the company’s aim in producing the best towels in the world, crafted with the finest cotton sourced globally, from the West Indian Sea Island, all the way to China and Egypt. By incorporating meticulous Japanese yarn spinning techniques, UCHINO is able to produce various innovative materials ranging in textures and qualities. Their best-known item is the three layered gauze towel, with a cotton pile backing which offers a gentle, fluffy texture and soft feel.


The Hoodie: A Brief Story

Mostly associated with street culture, the hoodie’s an irreplaceable item in the dynamic, youth communities, hip-hop and skate culture. It is said that Champion Products created the first ‘hooded’ sweatshirt in the 1930s to protect athletes and workers from the bad weather. It was then quickly adopted by many high schools as part of varsity wear, worn by footballers & track athletes when waiting on the sidelines. 
Fast forward, 1970s-80s. As hip-hop culture develops, the hoodie can be seen worn by graffiti artists trying to keep a low profile (as to avoid getting caught vandalizing) and break dancers keeping themselves warm while dancing to the beat on cold winter days. The seventies also gave birth to skate, punk, other popular culture that further iconified the hoodie, from the Z-Boys in Santa Monica with their backyard pool skating, to unforgettable movies like Rocky in 1979 featuring Sylvester Stallone.

(below: a scene from Rocky)

As time passes by, the hoodie has interwoven itself into the mainstream society while carrying its cultural diversity within its background.