Alden Cedar Wood Shoe Tree

Alden Cedar Wood Shoe Tree

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Alden remains one of the finest and oldest skilled shoe and boot-maker from New England which prospered by relying not on lower quality mass-markets but on high quality dress shoes and excelling in their comfortable , orthopedically correct lasts. Alden is widely known for their whole-cut, hand dyed tanned cordovan leather shoes, which contours to your foot shape giving a truly custom quality to the fit .  A pair of Aldens will last you for generations and is indeed a must have for the modern man today


Cedar shoe trees play a vital role in protecting fine shoes. Combining an overhang heel with an expandable split toe this highly functional tree is the perfect fit for all styles of footwear. Because Alden doesn’t coat their cedar with varnishes or lacquers, these all-natural shoe trees absorb moisture from footwear. Aromatic cedar also deodorizes with a forest-fresh scent 

  • MEDIUM SIZE - 8W TO 10 W 

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