Hitoyoshi was established in 1988 in Hitoyoshi City, Kumamoto Prefecture. Their dedication to crafting high-quality, comfortable shirts is clearly reflected in the rigorous process and meticulous details of each shirt.


Let's Explore some of the process that is essential in crafting a truly well-made shirt.

Ergonomic Pattern Making

As the human body is a complex 3D form, how a shirt fits & moves are crucial to the creation process. As an example here, the bottom collar is made smaller than the top, making it into a shape that curves beautifully and ‘hugs’ the neck comfortably when worn.

Stitch Density
To create an extremely sturdy and secure seam, the stitch density is increased to 24 stitches for every 3cm length, whereas normal shirts are generally between 15 to 18 stitches per 3cm length. A highly skilled and experienced craftsman is necessary to produce these beautiful, refined seam lines.

Elegant Shell Buttons
Only natural shell buttons are used, as they are resistant to heat and embody a classic, elegant look. Each button is stitched in a “Tori-Ashi Tsuke” style which literally translates as ‘chicken feet’. As this creates better mobility to the button, it ensures that the wearer can button and unbutton easily, even with one hand. A hand-wrapped button shank option is also available to create a more secure collar & cuffs.

Set-In Sleeves
Unlike generally produced shirts, the sleeves are attached only after the whole body is stitched together. This is similar to how a tailored jacket is constructed, where the sleeves are angled slightly forward to match the human’s natural posture which creates a better silhouette and balance of movement when worn.