The Journey of Paraboot and I.

The Journey of Paraboot and I.

PARABOOT has always been a hot topic amongst real fashionable people for decades, but to be honest in my early 20’s I was not very keen on the brand itself nor the looks. However, in my mid 20’s I wore a lot of bespoke and high end leather shoes at that time to gain more knowledge about them but still not as savvy about the PARABOOT brand overall.

Of course PARABOOT leather may not seem to be the top grade of it all, compared to the usage of genuine calf leather as well as the construct of the shoe is factory made rather than handmade, although some parts of the shoe is partially handmade but not the entirety of it. 

But regardless of it all, PARABOOT provides a unique comfort once you put them on and the sensation it gives you is just astonishing. The shoes itself gives you a French flair where no other brands from American or English or Japanese could provide. It's just somehow at a class of its own and it is simply easy to match on any given occasion.

So whenever I have the chance to recommend a pair of PARABOOT to the customers, I always explain the uniqueness of the shoe and the sort of atmosphere and energy the shoe could provide the wearer. The ghurka sandals especially, because they are caught in between being a dress shoe and a pair of sneakers, which provides a different feel when matched appropriately.

As you all know we recently did a pop-up in Seoul, South Korea and it was a refreshing scene to be there after a long hiatus from the country. During the stay, I witnessed a lot of people hop onto the PARABOOT shoe trend and everyone pulled out a different style in matching the brand. Asia in recent years has definitely caught on fire with PARABOOT and it is spreading like wildfire making it one of the must haves, which evidently provides astonishing sales to the brand.

With the “NEW COLONIAL STYLE’ theme in mind, Colony Clothing has always been paving the way to represent this tropical island with its own flair and uniqueness. This also allows us to fully express the way how to coordinate the style that accentuates the robust culture of Singapore, hence PARABOOT is always one of the recommended items since our opening in 2013.

After a long winded context, my main reason for this blog post is to introduce our Colony Clothing exclusive Paraboots Pacific Sport sandal available soon in our Singapore shores. This time around it is made with a premium buttery Taupe colour suede upper that is in between the gray and beige colourway, which will help blend in well with any clothes you desire to match with. As for the insole, we opted for a black leather look to keep it classy and it helps to maintain the longevity of the shoe when worn. Last but not least a black colour outsole to make it an overall sleek finish with a touch of sophistication to accentuate the Taupe colourway on the shoe.

So before signing off I would just like to say this is a one of a kind shoe from Paraboot that one should not miss out on. And for a little surprise, the first 10 customers who make the purchase of the new arrival show will receive a special Paraboot travel name card holder while stocks last. 

All Summer Long