Pitti Uomo Express Report! ~Part 2~

Pitti Uomo Express Report! ~Part 2~

Following an enjoyable and fruitful gathering with my Korean companions last night, I found myself meeting Mr. Taemin from East Harbor Surplus bright and early the next morning. (The stylish striped jacket I'm donning originates from his recently opened East Harbor Surplus store in Florence, Italy.)

Taemin, a man of great repute, leads a dual life as both a brand owner and shop proprietor, splitting his time between Korea and Italy. Remarkably, he also serves as a brand distributor and holds a prominent position in the realm of Asian fashion.

During our meeting, I gained valuable insights into the intriguing sneaker distribution rumors. (Unfortunately, I cannot disclose the specifics just yet, but rest assured, something captivating is in the works.)

Post-meeting, the entire Colony Team, adorned in poolside shirts, gathered for a mini photoshoot near the picturesque Ponte Vecchio bridge. Adding to the allure, we showcased the exclusive Paraboot Pacific Gurkha sandals, a prized possession of Colony Clothing.

However, a brilliant idea struck me amidst the shoot! Why not host a dinner party in Tokyo, inviting esteemed customers and buyers to join us while dressed in COLONY poolside shirts? (This event is indeed happening!)

We will provide further details soon. So STAY TUNED!! 

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