Paraboot Avignon Lisse Marron- Maroon

Paraboot Avignon Lisse Marron- Maroon

$860.00 SGD

Paraboot was founded in 1927, revolutionising classic leather shoes with latex soles for harder wearing every day wear. “Para” for the port in Amazonia from where their rubber was supplied and “boot” to memorialise the discovery Founder, Rémy Richard, made in America.

The Avignon is a 'split toe' model that has been one of Paraboot's bestsellers owing to its subtle interplay of materials and finishes. It is both a dress and a relaxed casual shoe, a Paraboot classic. Avignon is a fortress town in the south of France.


  • Split toe Derby
  • 5 eyelets
  • Leather lined model
  • Genuine Norwegian welted on a genuine rubber sole

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