BEAMS PLUS / MIL Hat / 3841-0042-046

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This BEAMS PLUS MIL Hat is inspired by US military work hats from the 1930s and 1940s. It features a large brim that effectively shields your head and neck from harsh sunlight. This classic design adds a timeless feeling to any look.

About BEAMS+

BEAMS + is a sub-brand by one of Japan's famous fashion go-to brand, BEAMS.
Beams + showcases classic Americana-inspired designs fused with contemporary styles.
Started in 1999 to house timeless men's clothing, remembering the good-old American styles that BEAMS grew up on. Such original styles are kept alive in a lineup of original, import, vintage pieces and accessories, while BEAMS+ is not merely revival or nostalgia, but instead a pursuit of authenticity in next-generation casual wear.

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