"Seoul"ful Pop-up at Parlour South Korea!

Right off the tracks of a successful pop up at Isetan Men's Shinjuku a few weeks ago, we are now in the ‘Seoulful’ country of South Korea for the first time to showcase our Colony Clothing brand to our beloved friends and fans in this region. 

For our very first pop-up in South Korea it was situated at Parlour, a select shop nestled in one of the most talked about areas called Seochon. This is also known as one of the hip areas filled with interesting shops from fashion to cafes to wind down some quality time.

The very reason I was drawn to make this pop-up a reality is thanks to an old friend of mine,  Sumitani whom I worked with before at Beams Japan who is now at the helm of visual director and stylist for Parlour. Despite his cool and grunge look demeanor, he is actually a gentleman and kind hearted which enables us to keep in contact even though he had moved to South Korea 8 years ago.

Through the test of time Sumitani has captured the hearts of customers and friends whom he made along the way with his stay in South Korea. Thanks to his great presence, lots of fashion influencers, magazine editors, youtubers and regular customers dropped by for this special pop-up by Colony Clothing. We deeply appreciate everyone's attendance for our very first rodeo in South Korea and I would dare say it's a great success. 감사합니다!!

As everyone knows, the K-pop and entertainment business in South Korea holds an amazing power globally to influence lifestyle and fashion. Being in the epicenter of South Korea, the trend holds strongly towards what the celebrity wears, the KOL wears or even the YouTuber wears. This simultaneously affects a lot of the online sales as well as the market standpoint of the brand itself. Hence I strongly feel Colony Clothing will be able to build a presence in South Korea whereby everyone is so conscious about their outlooks class which the brand is able to provide.

With the Colony Clothing brand gaining more popularity from a year to year basis, this also allows us to have pop-ups around the world. The places now span from Bangkok to Tokyo and now Seoul, with every stop we make we build a better community and understanding of the brand thanks to our friends and customers who support us.

All Summer Long