Pitti Uomo Express Report! ~Part 3 FINALE~

Pitti Uomo Express Report! ~Part 3 FINALE~

PITTI UOMO came and went in the blink of an eye. Amidst reuniting with long-lost friends and acquaintances, I also had the pleasure of making new acquaintances at the event. After the exhilarating experience, I decided to treat myself to a leisurely weekend in Milan.

My first stop was the city's public swimming pool, which turned out to be a hidden gem. The historic pool from the 1930s not only allows for a relaxing swim but also offers the unique experience of indulging scrumptious food and drinks by the poolside.

To blend in perfectly with the setting, I opted for a stylish yet comfortable look with our trusty Pool Side Shirt and Shorts. However, swimming here requires a swim cap, so I was caught in between of diving right in or just chill at the poolside.

And then there's the extraordinary Thermae, something that might feel familiar to fans of Japanese animation. Right in the heart of Milan, I discovered a hot spring facility that provided an exceptional way to unwind.

My preferred routine included basking in the sauna, followed by a refreshing cold water bath, and finally indulging in Shavasana (a resting and restorative position normally used at the end of a yoga session.) while lounging in a reclining chair. It truly felt like I was immersing myself in a space of peace and tranquility with the universe.

When it comes to must-have items for the Thermae experience, the towel hoodie from the renowned UCHINO brand that we collaborated with definitely stands out. The collaboration towel pullover feels incredibly soft against the skin, making it a must-try for anyone who seeks ultimate comfort above anything else.

Now, with recharged energy and a peaceful mind, it's time to dive back into the hustle and bustle of life. 

All Summer Long