Orian Checkered Slim Fit Shirt; 02Q954

Orian Checkered Slim Fit Shirt; 02Q954

$180.00 SGD $360.00 SGD

Orian is a renowned Italian shirt maker founded in 1968. They specialise in daring prints and meticulous production. Every Orian shirt is beautifully crafted in the heart of Italy, made from the finest materials and signed with the company’s family name. Orian’s production method is based around sensitivity, creativity and sustainability making it a popular choice for many.

The gingham shirt from Orian is an exclusive edition. This cotton shirt makes for a perfect fit paired with casual brown trousers or a lightweight jacket to achieve a relaxed look. This versatile shirt showcases a lightweight fabric which is perfect for any occasions! The slim fit shirt is a great choice for a refreshing wardrobe!


  • Made in Italy 
  • 100% Cotton
  • Lightweight 
  • Breathable 
  • Machine Wash 










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