Foot Cream

Foot Cream

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A refreshing and invigorating foot cream contains menthol. It has a cooling effect that promotes natural microcirculation and immediately relieves fatigued legs and feet. It moisturizes and leaves the skin smooth.

Instructions: massage gently into the skin starting at the tips of the toes and working up to the knee. Warning: wash hands with cold water after use. Ideal after bathing, for a complete treatment use after our Foot Bath Salts.

Main Ingredients
- phytosqualene, derived from olive oil: emollient
- menthol: refreshing, cooling
- camphor: toning
- menthol lactate: refreshing, long-lasting moisturizer

Paraben free.
100ml - 3.38 FL.OZ.
Made in Italy

Fragrance: Mint and camphor, and sweet almond

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