Dermo Protective Oil

Dermo Protective Oil

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Made with oil and top quality oily extracts of choice grade. This oil improves the skin’s tone and elasticity and helps prevent stretchmarks. Helps keep the skin soft. Recommended to use during sports and any activity in which the skin is subject to stretching. 

Main Ingredients
- Sweet almond oil: softening, moisturizing, elasticizing
- Jojoba oil: moisturizing, emollient, forms a protective coating
- Helichrysum oily extract: skin purifier
- St. John’s wort oily extract: toning, stimulating
- Vitamin E: anti-oxidant

Instructions: pour directly on the skin and massage gently until completely absorbed.

Paraben Free.

250ml - 8.4 FL.OZ.
Made in Italy

Fragrance: Melograno

*Ships within Singapore only

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