ALDEN 702L Snuff Suede Dover

$600.00 SGD $920.00 SGD

Alden remains one of the finest and oldest skilled shoe and boot-maker from New England which prospered by relying not on lower quality mass-markets but on high quality dress shoes and excelling in their comfortable , orthopedically correct lasts. Alden is widely known for their whole-cut, hand dyed tanned cordovan leather shoes, which contours to your foot shape giving a truly custom quality to the fit .  A pair of Aldens will last you for generations and is indeed a must have for the modern man today


  • Hand made in Massachusetts
  • Snuff Suede Dover
  • Model Ref: 702L
  • Snuff Calfskin Leather
  • Orleans Last
  • Rubber Outsoles
  • Color: Snuff Suede
  • D Width

: Unavailable



: 6.5D7.5D7D8.5D8D9.5D

96-0041-SNUFF suede-6h, men, size-6-5d, size-7-5d, size-7d, size-8-5d, size-8d, size-9-5d,