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(27 January - 4 February 2024)
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    About Paraboot

      Paraboot was founded in 1908 by Rémy-Alexis Richard who grew up in the village of Izeaux, at the foot of the French Alps in the late 19th century. He honed his skills in shoemaking for many years before establishing his own company together with his wife, Juliette Pontvert, naming it Richard-Pontvert. During the first World War, he made and repaired shoes for the French army. In 1926, Richard traveled to the United States and encountered vulcanized rubber boots. He brought the innovation back to France and improved the technique by applying notched soles to mountain boots, creating shoes with a stronger grip and flexibility. The brand was thus named Paraboot in 1927, after the Brazilian port of "Para" where the latex rubber for the soles originates. To this day, Paraboot continues to create footwear that are of high quality, comfortable, and yet stylish at the same time, gaining fans from all over the world.