Pitti Uomo Express Report! ~Part 1~

Pitti Uomo Express Report! ~Part 1~

Right off the long haul flight we began our very first day of the Italian flair at Pitti Uomo which is situated in Florence, Italy.

Filled with familiar faces and friends from around the world, we spent the whole day walking around the Pitti Uomo venue grasping the mecca of menswear and also thoroughly seeking the next possible trends and communicating with our business partners.

So what is the next trend we asked ourselves?

What could be the next upcoming attraction for menswear to keep things interesting and ongoing.

The next possible trendy items are:

・Jacquard knit

・Casual jackets

・White pants

・Western shirt

・American vintage style

And the possible trendy colors for menswear are:

・Dusty Pastel


・Off White




・Native print

・Gingham Check


Items below are what I will be planning to buy and introduce to the shores of Singapore: 

・Linen shirt jacket (made in Naples)

・Linen shirts (made in Naples)

・Incotex items

・Stefano Bigi or Bigi Milano (tie)

After a long intense first day at the Pitti Uomo venue, we then decided to leave the area and pop by our dear friends at Liverano for their welcome party. It is always a pleasure to visit this place with a good mix of cultures but also essentially for the love of classical menswear fashion at the highest level.

Lastly, to finish off a fruitful day we enjoyed a scrumptious dinner with our Korean friends with a slight debate on fashion but more importantly enjoy the company we have, as well as savouring the most authentic Italian food we can have all night long. 

It was a perfect day indeed!

That's all from the first day of Pitti Uomo! To be continued…..

All Summer Long