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Felisi Large Briefcase (1750-DS) Medium Blue Sale
Felisi Large Briefcase (1750-DS) Medium Blue
$868.00 SGD
$1,240.00 SGD
Felisi Business Briefcase (8637/2-DS14) Navy/Red Sale
Felisi Business Briefcase (8637/2-DS14) Navy/Red
$588.00 SGD
$840.00 SGD
Felisi Tote Bag (9236/DS) Navy/Natural Sale
Felisi Tote Bag (9236/DS) Navy/Natural
$504.00 SGD
$720.00 SGD
Felisi Boston Bag (P4/DS)  Pink Sale
Felisi Boston Bag (P4/DS) Pink
$623.00 SGD
$890.00 SGD
Felisi Boston Bag (P4/DS) Red Sale
Felisi Boston Bag (P4/DS) Red
$623.00 SGD
$890.00 SGD
Felisi Boston Bag (P4/DS) Ivory Sale
Felisi Boston Bag (P4/DS) Ivory
$623.00 SGD
$890.00 SGD
Felisi Shoulder Bag (9362/DS) Red Sale
Felisi Shoulder Bag (9362/DS) Red
$497.00 SGD
$710.00 SGD