How to Choose a Tie

How to Choose a Tie

A wardrobe essential, the tie has always been the key in completing a gentlemen’s attire. Whether utilised in formal occasions, or as a fashion statement, the tie expresses one’s individual character & persona. Today we take a look at a few simple ways on choosing the right tie with our creative director tomoyoshi takada.

The Width...The width of 7.5cm to 8cm is generally well-balanced when matched to the lapel width of suits and jackets that are available.

The Length...Select length according to your height, and trouser’s rise. The most ideal look is when the tip of the tie hangs on the bottom of your waistband, covering the belt.

The Color... It’s good to choose a tie with colours that correlates with the hues of your shirt and suit. A tie with darker tone than the suit will create a sharp, finished look.

The Pattern...From formal to casual the basic rules are as follows: solid colours being the most formal, followed by small patterns, and stripes. All of these patterns are appropriate for business, therefore it’s best to select one that is most appropriate for your occasion.

The Material... Silk satin is the most formal.  Silk jacquard and silk rep also go well with suits and formal jackets.  Silk gauze and linen are suitable for more casual suits and casual jackets.